30 Jun 23 -

End of the project extension

The MyCOAST project extension finished on 30 Jun 2023.  There will probably continue to be project outputs, which will be announced on this website.  The website should remain active until May 2024.

25 Jul 23 -

New publication

There is a new publication supported by the MyCOAST project - check out the Activities tab

1 Mar 23 - 1 Mar 23

MyCOAST Workshop: “Ferramentas para abordar os riscos nos observatorios costeiros” (01 March 2023, Santiago de Compostela)

Find in the "Downloads" section the agenda for the 01 March 2023 workshop on coastal risk tools "Ferramentas para abordar os riscos nos observatorios costeiros"

29 Nov 22 - 1 Dec 22

Progress meeting and IBIROOS annual meeting

A MyCOAST progress meeting took place on 29-30 Nov. 2022 in Santiago de Compostela, and it was followed up by the 2022 IBIROOS annual meeting (30 Nov.-1 Dec.)


Project extension

The MyCOAST project has been extended until the end of May 2023.  The extension will support, among other things, attendance to the 2022 IBIROOS annual meeting and the implementation of the Coastal Risk tools developed in the original project to additional areas within the INTERREG Atlantic Area domain

15 Mar 21 -

Final project brochure

Check out the new final project brochure - downloadable from the Downloads page!

2 Jun 20 -

ADCP deployment on L4 station

On 2 June 2020 MyCOAST partner Plymouth Marine Laboratory deployed from their vessel RV Quest a profiling current meter at ther L4 coastal monitoring station, which will be kept for two months


Special issue - Journal of Marine Science and Engineering

A Special Issue of the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering on "Ocean Modelling in Support of Operational Ocean and Coastal Services" is being edited by a MyCOAST participant, Dr. Marcos G. Sotillo (Puertos del Estado).  Please see the Downloads section for a pdf announcement.

6 Mar 20 - 7 Mar 20

Hackathon on Big Data & Analytics

The IV Hackathon on Big Data & Analytics, organised by DXC Technology (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) with the collaboration of MyCOAST partners MeteoGalicia and Intecmar, was focused on MyCOAST outcomes this year. The challenge was to develop add-value products from ocean and coastal observatories data. It took place in Santiago de Compostela on 6-7th March 2020. Due to Covid-19, the award of prizes to the winning teams had to be postponed and took place online on 18 June.  For more information check out http://hackathon-cein.com/.

14 May 20 - 15 May 20

European Maritime Day 2020

The European Maritime Day 2020 will take place in Cork, Ireland.  See https://ec.europa.eu/maritimeaffairs/maritimeday/en

10 Dec 19 -

MyCOAST Workshop - The Lisbon Observatory

A MyCOAST Workshop on the Lisbon Observatory was held in Lisbon (10 Dec. 2019)

11 Nov 19 - 13 Nov 19

1st MyCOAST Regional Workshop

The 1st Regional Workshop of the MyCOAST project was held in Donostia/San Sebastian (11-13 November 2019)

3 Apr 19 - 5 Apr 19

MyCOAST progress meeting 2019

The 2019 MyCOAST progress meeting and IBI-ROOS annual meeting were held in Plymouth on 3-5 Apri.

23 Apr 18 - 26 Apr 18

MyCOAST progress meeting 2018

The 2018 MyCOAST progress meeting, IBI-ROOS annual meeting and an AtlantOS workshop were held in Bordeaux on 23-26 April

11 Dec 17 - 13 Dec 17

MyCOAST kickoff meeting

The MyCOAST kickoff meeting was held in Pasaia on 11-13 Dec. 2017

Newsletter Archive

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The MyCOAST e-Newsletter - Issue 2

14 Nov 18

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