Presenting at the Ocean Predict’19 Symposium (May 2019)

Two oral presentations supported by MyCOAST were delivered at the Ocean Predict'19 GODAE OceanView Symposium, 6-10 May 2019, in Halifax, Canada (see slides at Dowloads): (1) “National observation infrastructures in a European framework: COAST-HF – An example of a fixed-platform network along French coasts” by Guillaume Charria and François Schmitt; and (2) ” Multi-scale coastal circulation in the Bay of Biscay” by Guillaume Charria, Sébastien Theetten, Adam Ayouche, Anil Akpinar and Frédéric Vandermeirsch

Presenting at the CMEMS GA (May 2019)

A MyCOAST poster was presented at the CMEMS General Assembly meeting in May 2019 (see Dowloads)

European Maritime Day

The MyCOAST project was represented at two events at the European Maritime Day in Lisbon: The pitch session, where the Lisbon Observatory which we are planning to develop during the project was presented; and the side event at the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, where a project decription slide show with voiceover was run on a loop.  Check out the Downloads section for a copy of the slide show.

Anti-pollution video in Galicia

A video from an antipollution drill, by MyCOAST partner INTECMAR

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MyCOAST presenting at IMDIS

Two MyCOAST posters were presented at the International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems (IMDIS) in Barcelona (5-7 November).  Hindson et al. presented a poster on “The Scottish Coastal Observatory” and Montero et al. on “Complying with Data Interoperability Standards in MyCOAST Project”

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INTERREG Atlantic Area Annual Event

MyCOAST were invited to present at the INTERREG Atlantic Area Annual Event in a session on projects with a high innovative component, followed by a round table were we had “the opportunity to share their experience and good practices to contribute to the improvement of the maritime economy in the Atlantic regions through transnational cooperation”.

Our message was that MyCOAST is based in transnational cooperation, standardisation, co-development and stakeholder involvement. The MyCOAST presentation was a success. 

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July 2018

As part of MyCOAST WP 8 (Action 5), some HNS and oil spill training exercises will be carried out by various project partners, with the ideal objective of trans-boundary drills.   However, in the first instance, an exercise in which the Galician Coastguard had to recover some HNS drums took place  on 18 July 2018. Various tools such as drifters and numerical models were used within a Common Operating Picture (COP).  This was Exercise number 0 (state-of-the-art) of WP8 Action 5.

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MyCOAST presenting at NPOP

Marine Scotland Science presented a poster at the 2018 conference of the UK National Partnership for Ocean Prediction (NPOP) entitled “Marine Scotland Science's Oceanographic Observing & Modelling Framework”,  which included a description of the model operationalisation developments that will take place in MyCOAST

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